The Company of Cats – My idea of cat therapy

Cats. Office cat. My own cat. I think one of these days, the people around me are going to bite my head off. Because that’s what I go on and on about, sometimes. I’ve always loved cats. I think my interest was sparked by one of my first books that I remember – “Grover’s New Kitten”. I wanted a kitten just like Grover and that was how my ginger kitty soft toy became my favourite when I was three. I went everywhere with my kitten. I even decided to trim its whiskers.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.10.40 pm

Since I have yet to sneak a cat into my house persuade my mum to let me adopt a kitten. I get my weekly dose of cats at cat cafes! Am so glad that they’re finally in Singapore and I’m going to visit them all. I’ve visited Neko no Niwa, The Cat Café & The Company of Cats so far but The Company of Cats is my favourite so far!

Other than the fact that it’s one street away from my office (wish I could spend my lunchtime there every other day), the cats in The Company of Cats are really playful and adorable! The atmosphere is perfect, really homely and relaxed (check it out for yourself:

There are 8 cats in the café and my favourite’s Belle. The fluffiest, shyest & most adorable cat.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Okay, she looks a little fierce but she isn’t! Loves hiding under chairs to watch the others & she loves a game of ping pong: 

I definitely have a thing for shy cats because my favourite cat in Seoul is Sodongyi (which translates to little cow). She’s so shy that she used to hide behind a table cloth while playing with her favourite toy. 

2013-03-07 20.23.34

Back to The Company of Cats, here are some of the other cats:

Elliot who loves chasing the little mouse (pictured on top of his head!)

IMG_0002_2 photo 3photo 2Sasha, the super playful Russian Blue. You can find her brother there too, but he’s a little less active.

IMG_0001IMG_0004Here’s Skippy (I think) who was watching and waiting to pounce on the toy that Sasha & I were playing with. When I finally dropped the toy in front of him, he was at a loss 😀

IMG_0006IMG_0005IMG_0007Here’s Meringe, the newest member of the family, looking quite like a diva here.




It’s been so rainy today, would love to snuggle just like Elliot here. Can’t wait to visit these adorable cats again!






Mansur Gavriel Cammello/Rosa Bucket Bag, You’re Mine!

First set my eyes on a Black/Flamma a year ago.

Five long months on the waiting list.

One Cammello/Rosa Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, to have and to hold.

Yup, I’m in love.

MG Bucket Bags

photo 1

Thank God bff contacted Bergdorf Goodman back in March as it was supposed to be my birthday surprise, but it was out of stock as usual. In the end, we were on the waiting list for 5 long months. So you can imagine how incredibly happy I was when it finally arrived at her house!

photo 3

Honestly, it was a strange feeling when I first held it. Noisy would be the word to describe it. I could play it like an instrument hahaha. And it was really stiff. Any other day, I would prefer a soft leather bag but I love the simplicity of this bag.

photo 2Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetI’ve carried it a few times now, it’s not as stiff as before. There are a few scratches, rain spots & uneven colouring but I’m still learning to let it go.

And… I’m now lusting after some other MG bags. Help?


Ode to Wanderlust: Tokyo Disneyland & Disneysea


Donald otaku defined. These guys are amazing!

The most adorable little kids. The younger brother was pleading with his sis for a bite of her red bean bread.

DSCF3009Our visit coincided with the “Tanabata” Star Festival. Gorgeous traditional costumes!
DSCF3021Oh, Flynn.
DSCF3038It’s a small world after all.

DSCF3055Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall.DSCF3078

I was so excited to see all three Aristocats! Haven’t seen them in the other Disney parks.DSCF3107
DSCF3204Love how each “hunny pot” has a different experience for this Winnie the Pooh ride!


Oooh the CLAWWWWWW….DSCF3183“It all started with a mouse.”DSCF3160

30th anniversary celebration parade!DSCF3153


One Man’s Dream: gorgeous play on the lights & costumes to create black and white.
DSCF3239My favourite circus bugs!




DSCF3284Duffy & Shellie May Otakus.

If you look at the couple behind, their bears are in the same traditional costumes as them ❤

2013-06-25 15.39.01Little green alien mochi! These were really yummy 😛


DSCF3330Disney’s Electrical Parade!




DSCF3351For you, bff! ❤




Tokyo Disneysea! Land of Shellie Mays & Duffys ;DDSCF3435

DSCF3437This was the queue for Toy Story Mania’s fastpass, thanks to the rain which lasted the entire day ;(
DSCF3444Best interactive ride in Disneysea.
DSCF3460 All parades & shows were cancelled because of the rain, except this. All the Disney characters were wearing raincoats, kawaii!DSCF3465




Mermaid’s Lagoon.


DSCF3580This photo pretty much sums up my two days in Tokyo Disneyland & Disneysea ❤

Ode to Wanderlust: Tokyo (Part 1)



This adorable lady in yellow made sure every inch of her body was covered with a 360-turn.Image




My favourite street of stores.





This amazing pink ball will keep you safe.


My stationery paradise. I think I took a few hours to comb the 6 floors of Tokyu Hands.



I have no idea what’s inside this indescribably delicious sauce but it was PERFECT with the sashimi. My mouth is watering 😦





Sensoji at close to midnight.


Su’s Happy Food #2: Chocolate Buffet at Fullerton Bay

At the end of a chocolate buffet, I’ll be desperately trying to shove one lassssst cake into my mouth (because I have to make my money worth! HAHA ) and telling myself that I should never go for another chocolate buffet again.

So much for that. I went for the chocolate buffet at Fullerton Bay (The Landing Point) with Celine last last Saturday (i wrote this 2 weeks ago & forgot to post this up!). We’ve been planning for a chocolate buffet for ages & I wanted to celebrate my last two presentations of a crazy semester. As you can tell, I am still trying to resolve my dissonance.

We had a light dinner at Lau Pa Sat first – satay & stingray! Both dishes were really tasty & perfect for the rainy weather that evening 🙂 But the dishes cost $12 each, which is overpriced. But it’s Lau Pa Sat, tourists’ land, so no surprise I guess.


We walked over to Fullerton Bay after dinner and I realized I’ve never experienced such a quiet Raffles Place. No walk-as-fast-as-you-can crowd or office-wear-office-wear-office-wear-office-wear-everywhere, just lots of taxis & a handful of tourists. According to Celine, Fullerton Bay is a boutique hotel & it looks really cosy! The Landing Point was quite desserted when we reached, the poor jazz singer & pianist were performing to maybe 10 people at any one time.

Anyway, let me share with you half of the buffet selection:


The chocolate cake on the bottom left is my favourite of the lot! I think it’s called the Chocolate Krispie cake. Perfect intensity of chocolate, not overwhelming sweet and the bottom layer has crispy hazelnut bits (I think). Soooo good \(^ ^)/

Another dessert I enjoyed is the Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart. It has a nice balance of caramel & salt. Actually, so far most salted caramel dessert I’ve tried tasted either overly salty or sweet, with the exception of Tom’s Palette Salted Caramel ice-cream. Mmmmm I could do with a scoop of that now.

The most interesting dessert is definitely the yellow ball you see below. The filling popped & filled my mouth the moment I took a bite, leaving the sweet white chocolate shell behind. We still don’t know what flavour it is but it tastes lemony/orangey, yummy!

Honestly, I was already half-full after dinner but I know there’s always room for dessert! But… I KO-ed after the third round, which is not my usual Chocolate/Dessert stamina. 😦 Celine’s order of Truffle fries helped boost our appetites though, it was really really truffle-ful. Better than PS Cafe’s but only 1/4 the portion & more expensive. Here’s the happy girl who said she was busy inhaling the aroma while smiling for this photo:

The other half of the buffet selection was the chocolate fondue machine, lollipops and madeleines. The selection is definitely smaller than the Fullerton’s (which has a live crepes & ice-cream station according to Cel) & MBS’s but the gorgeous view made up for it.



Singapore is quite gorgeous, isn’t she? <;3

A (hopefully) Useful Guide to Goodreads – For Readers


For all my fellow bookworms out there, how many of you guys are currently on Goodreads (or some other similar site)?
Well, I personally have recommended the site to my friends, in hopes of having more people to join me on this wonderful social networking site, which I have actually spent more time on than Facebook.
Unfortunately, my fun little tea party did not happen and their time on the site was pretty short-lived. So I was pacing back and forth, trying to fathom what exactly was it that failed to draw them in when I realised that it was quite the case for me as well, when I first joined back in 2008.

Like all other social networking sites, to fully enjoy and utilize GR, you HAVE to have people to interact with when you are on the site. I mean, it’s called social networking for a reason right?…

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Su’s Happy Food #1: Warm Chocolate Cake \(^ ^)/

I’m not a discerning eater when it comes to everyday meals.But when it comes to cakes, chocolate, cupcakes, ice-cream, dessert…

I am Agnes.

So… I decided to take on wj’s suggestion & share with you what makes me ♪┏(・o・)┛

So lets starts with today,

Bakerzin’s Warm Chocolate Cake!

Molten Chocolate Cake is one of my favourite cakes! So far, I’ve tried TCC’s & my own freshly baked ones (with Celine’s recipe) so far, which are awesome, of course 😀  After half a day of studying at the library today, I tried Bakerzin’s Warm Chocolate Cake at Tampines One & it was sooooo yummy!

We had to rush to beat the melting vanilla ice-cream (homemade apparently, but it’s lovely anyway) & the warm oozing chocolate lava. I think we were done in five minutes, or less. My only complaint is that it’s too small. I would love a giant molten chocolate cake. And cognitive dissonance of course, because I know I could bake 6 Molten Chocolate Cakes for the same price ($11.90)?

I wanted more, more, more. But another molten chocolate cake would be ridiculous 😦 So we got the tea set: Chocolate Amer cake + TWG’s Bain de Rose Tea at $9.80++. The chocolate cake’s not bad but not the best I had. I quite like the depth of this cake though, the different layers of sponge, mousse, chocolate powder. And here’s the Rose tea which is nice, but then again, I’m partial to floral tea.

Oh yes, if you flash Bakerzin app (which has to be improved on imo :/), you’ll get 5% off your bill! 🙂