The Company of Cats – My idea of cat therapy

Cats. Office cat. My own cat. I think one of these days, the people around me are going to bite my head off. Because that’s what I go on and on about, sometimes. I’ve always loved cats. I think my interest was sparked by one of my first books that I remember – “Grover’s New Kitten”. I wanted a kitten just like Grover and that was how my ginger kitty soft toy became my favourite when I was three. I went everywhere with my kitten. I even decided to trim its whiskers.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.10.40 pm

Since I have yet to sneak a cat into my house persuade my mum to let me adopt a kitten. I get my weekly dose of cats at cat cafes! Am so glad that they’re finally in Singapore and I’m going to visit them all. I’ve visited Neko no Niwa, The Cat Café & The Company of Cats so far but The Company of Cats is my favourite so far!

Other than the fact that it’s one street away from my office (wish I could spend my lunchtime there every other day), the cats in The Company of Cats are really playful and adorable! The atmosphere is perfect, really homely and relaxed (check it out for yourself:

There are 8 cats in the café and my favourite’s Belle. The fluffiest, shyest & most adorable cat.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Okay, she looks a little fierce but she isn’t! Loves hiding under chairs to watch the others & she loves a game of ping pong: 

I definitely have a thing for shy cats because my favourite cat in Seoul is Sodongyi (which translates to little cow). She’s so shy that she used to hide behind a table cloth while playing with her favourite toy. 

2013-03-07 20.23.34

Back to The Company of Cats, here are some of the other cats:

Elliot who loves chasing the little mouse (pictured on top of his head!)

IMG_0002_2 photo 3photo 2Sasha, the super playful Russian Blue. You can find her brother there too, but he’s a little less active.

IMG_0001IMG_0004Here’s Skippy (I think) who was watching and waiting to pounce on the toy that Sasha & I were playing with. When I finally dropped the toy in front of him, he was at a loss 😀

IMG_0006IMG_0005IMG_0007Here’s Meringe, the newest member of the family, looking quite like a diva here.




It’s been so rainy today, would love to snuggle just like Elliot here. Can’t wait to visit these adorable cats again!






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